Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Shake It Up, Oo Oo Shake It Up, Oh Yeah

Happy New Year folks, It's been a while since I updated the ol' blog. Life is pretty stressful at the moment but thought I would take some time out and update my blog.

No, the title of today's blog is not an homage to Ric Ocasek or his band "The Cars" but I felt the 1981 song "Shake It Up" was quite apropo what with the very recent rumours that our Prime Minister is planning a "Cabinet Shake Up " Perhaps Mr. Harper can have the Cars playing in the background as he announces his plans to "shake up" or "shuffle" some of his Cabinet Ministers.

The big talk is that our girl Rona is being shuffled to another post. It is being called "the worst kept secret in Ottawa" You all know about Rona from my previous blogs. The poor girl just can't shake the shuffle speculitis. "Captain America" aka former PM Brian Mulroney has spoken out and suggested to Harper that environmental issues might be a key to capturing the next federal election and if the Stephen Harper government doesn't move faster, other parties are waiting to claim the environment as their issue. As a result, and probably because there are several hundred bored reporters left to their own devices in Ottawa during the parliamentary off-season, that rumours of a cabinet shuffle started to surface.

I find it worrisome that our Prime Minister is now going to take our Environmental issues seriously only because a former Tory PM is telling him it is going to cost him the next election. I would like to think that a Prime Minister of Canada would put our lakes, forests, air and wildlife at the top of his/her list as something sacred that is to be cherished and protected. Particularly a Prime Minister who claims to be a proud Christian and lover of god and the bible. Did he miss the chapters and verses about being good steward of the earth?

In my humble opinion, our Prime Minister handed the portfolio of Environment to a rookie Minister (Ms. Ambrose) and clearly didn't think the Environment was a terribly critical issue. Climate change has exposed the ill-preparedness of the Harper government. It is going to be an interesting 2007 in Ottawa.

So long Rona, it's been nice knowing ya

Quote of the Day:

Let all regard themselves as the stewards of God in all things which they possess. Then they will neither conduct themselves dissolutely, nor corrupt by abuse those things which God requires to be preserved.

John Calvin